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Plastic gift cards in Toronto are the latest trend in corporate gift cards because they greatly improve customer loyalty. It’s been stale for too long and having them makes offering gift certificates to clients much more fun, meaningful and effective marketing wise. Let us explain.

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Digital Vs Plastic

Yes, you’re saving money by giving your customers virtual gift cards, coupons, and offers instead of low-quality paper gift cards.

You think that paper gift cards are obsolete and you’re right. No one gives paper gift cards anymore, they’re easy to tear apart and they don’t quite excite your customers to be honest. People engage all of their senses when buying things and offering a virtual gift card doesn’t do the trick with your customers. Give them a tangible gift card and they immediately sense the joy and excitement of having a free purchase to make or gift to someone.

During the holiday season the most popular gift people offer are gift cards. If you’re not offering your clients these as a buying choice you might be missing out on some great sales opportunities.

Custom plastic gift cards for Toronto businesses

A must business upgrade because they achieve a couple important things;

  • Remind your customers you’re a reliable, generous business — even if they are paying to get a gift card for someone else.
  • Establish your brand identity and reach new customers. The gift card buyer might be a loyal customer of yours, but what about the recipient? You have a single chance to convince them to do business with you and that’s through the look of your gift card! Will it be resilient and professional (plastic), easily damageable (paper), or non-existent in the real world, virtual? Take your pick.
  • Fully customized gift cards represent, in a very positive, appealing manner your business. Choose your brand’s colors and add any feature you think saleable, from scan able bar codes and magnetic stripes, to serial numbers and embossed numbering. Don’t forget to decide on its thickness too. Offer your valued customers a credit-card thick and robust gift card they will be proud to offer as a gift to their loved ones that can be re-loaded time and again!
  • We are the gift card printer you want to do business with. Create truly personalized branding offers that convert gift-card-redeeming people into new, loyal customers. Plastic gift card printing is our specialty, so if you’re a first-timer we will help get the most effective ones for your business goals.

Plastic gift card benefits

Many wonder, what are the benefits of plastic gift cards for my business? The answer is simple. Your business will gradually increase revenue and sales. Here’s how:

  • New Customer Acquisition
    Gift cards encourage recipients to return to your store after redeeming their gift card. Being offered an incentive program creates an affinity with you, and they regard your business in a positive light simply because someone cared enough to offer them your loyalty program.
  • Build a Loyal Customer Base
    Gift cards build loyalty, and incentivize future purchases. Your new and loyal customers will come to redeem their gift cards and will almost always spend more than their gift card’s value. This allows you to introduce your latest promotions to them, and offer them even more reasons to continue to see you as the smart buying choice.]
  • Gift Card Slippage = Easy Money
    Not all gift cards are redeemed, which means you already secure yourself revenue of no less than 10% from unredeemable, forgotten gift cards. According to MarketWatch and Brian Riley, research direct with CEB TowerGroup, no less than $1 billion in gift cards go to waste. Sad for the gift giver, but not too shabby for businesses smart enough to employ this strategy, an additional 10% added revenue for no work, or fulfillment.
  • A Potent, Marketing Tool
    A plastic gift card is a unique marketing tool that helps promote your business to an otherwise unreachable market segment.
    Your customers decide where to gift and even re-gift the gift certificates they get from you. But nobody can tell where a gift card will end up. Your gift card might wind up in the hands of unexpected, valuable consumers who will convert into loyal ones. How about that, which is even better than the free money you receive from the unused ones.
  • Increased sales
    People buying with a gift card are more likely to make bigger purchases. They’re also more likely to choose a full-price item rather than a discounted one if they’re partially paying with a gift card. The mindset is, I have a $50 credit, so this is really only costing me $22 tax in, instead of $72, which is much easier to introduce an upsell or cross sell!
  • Complete brand identity
    The story you tell with your brand is something consumers pay notice to. With a plastic gift card that incorporates your branding and unique selling proposition, you create an integrated coherent brand experience for consumers, making it easier for them to align with you. Whether you need plastic gift cards for a small business or a multinational brand, this model is a robust marketing tool you should be taking advantage of.
  • Customer Benefits: Ease, Control, Enjoyment
    While you increase customer loyalty, satisfaction and retention, your customers benefit as well. They enjoy the idea of ease; they don’t need to scour the malls to find the perfect gift for everyone on their holiday list. They get a couple of gift cards and they’re done.
    Customers also, love the fact that a gift card doesn’t limit the recipient’s choices and needs. The gift recipient can choose to redeem their gift any way they please.


Gift cards for businesses are a relevant, actionable marketing tool. If you want to branch out to new market segments and keep your loyal customer base happy and satisfied this is definitely a business model you should be considering.

Decide on the design and content of your gift card let us do the heavy lifting. We will take care of everything from your gift cards’ printing, to its free delivery.

What makes any sales strategy even more successful is that the choice of material, in this case plastic, and will make all the difference as to how your gift cards are perceived and acted upon by your customers.

Not everyone is knowledgeable of printing gift cards though. Come to the Toronto experts for a combination of personal service and professional results.

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