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Plastic Loyalty Cards Toronto
Increase Repeat Sales &
Show Customer Appreciation

Having a reward program using plastic loyalty cards for Toronto businesses is a tried, tested and true way to motivate repeat purchases, increase purchase size, and attract new customers.

Having a loyalty program benefits the customer through frequent rewards and offers that they earn when they make the right buying choice by purchasing from you. It also helps your business flourish as customers’ impulse buy more often, spend more per transaction in order to get extra points.

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When it comes time to make the decision to buy what you sell,these loyalty card members become your most vocal brand ambassadors speaking of your services and the loyalty program in order to ensure that they will get the added benefit bestowed by your reward program.

Why offer plastic loyalty cards to your customers

The benefits of loyalty cards are too many too count. You don’t just increase sales and profits with a loyalty program; you achieve a more important thing; sustainable customer retention and satisfaction, which in turn activate an endless cycle of more sales and more profits for your business. The reason you would choose plastic is for its’ durability and presence. Paper cards can be damaged very easily and the feel is not of a program that exudes longevity, while e-cards have no physical reminder.

Competitive advantage

Stand out from your competition by offering a loyalty program that makes your customers feel special and appreciated. People will go where they feel they get their money’s worth and exclusive offers and a point collection does the trick.

A Loyalty program sends a crystal clear message to your customers, that you value them enough to offer those special discounts, exclusive products and other just-for-you special treatments. Who doesn’t like that?

Loyalty Cards for Small Businesses, the Strategy

Fine-Tune your sales strategy, you can track and analyze customer behavior and even identify customer behavior trends. Know which promotions draw more and scale them, while phasing out those that are not performing as well.

See when and how your customers buy. Who fails to redeem a coupon, how to target customers based on their changing needs and so on. A Loyalty card use gives you insights into customer thinking and behavior you can use to leverage your next marketing strategy and increase sales.

Show appreciation, tangibly

Sometimes a simple “Thank you” won’t suffice. With plastic customer loyalty cards you perceptibly express your appreciation and gratefulness to your loyal customers, encouraging a new circle of repeat purchases. Your customers will easily cash out coupons and rewards simply by showing their plastic loyalty cards to the cashier.

It’s easy and fast to set up a loyalty program by using a plastic loyalty card printing servicefor getting what you need done quickly and professionally. Each time your customersspread open their wallet they will come across your card. A plastic loyalty card will be their friendly reminder of your top-notch customer care.

(Practically) Free Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Given that you offer an attractivereward plan to your customers, you can increase positive word of mouth. A satisfied customer will speak highly of your brand or business and will bring in more customers eager to try out your services. Never underestimate the power of getting a prize for free doing something at a specific location that you were planning on doing anyway, this is a true draw!

Get more sales from your repeat customers

Loyalty cards motivate your customers to spend more so as to collect more points and receive your rewards and prizes faster.

Essentially, a loyalty card encourages a low-spending customer to move up a spending segment to benefit from your exclusive Loyalty rewards and limited-time point bonuses.

Bring inactive customers back in the game

Not every customer entering your store is a loyal one. A loyalty program will activate your lazy, once-in-a-while customers to become more frequent buyers. Asyou continue to incentivize their subsequent transactions with points and appealing rewards, customers will remain actively engaged with you.

Create meaningful, personal relationships

Once you choose as your loyalty card manufacturers and the day comes when you hand your customers their cards, you will be making the first step toward building a lasting, meaningful relationship with them.

Your customer is already consciously choosing you over your competition and a loyalty card gives them many reasons to continue to do so.

A plastic membership card reminds your customer that with you they get special rewards, excellent customer support and top-notch services — all because you cared enough to offer them an exclusive loyalty plan that benefits them in every purchase they make.

Optimize services and product promotion

Once a loyalty plan is up and running, the data you will collect will help you identify:

  • Your best-sellers,
  • Products that customers are willing to pay higher prices for
  • Services or product you would benefit by discontinuing.

A loyalty program helps you offer a handpicked selection of products you will know your customers will come looking for

What is more, it will allow you to segment your loyal customers according to their buying needs, behavior, and ability. This way you can further fine-tune your offerings to target each customer group with tailored offers and reward plans and increase sales as you go.

Improve product awareness

Just because a loyal customer buys from you every week doesn’t mean you are utilizing their full buying potential. Sometimes customers are unaware of great deals, products and services you offer because you don’t advertise them (enough).

One of the benefits of loyalty cards is that they keep your customers aware of your promos and limited-time offers because they’re on the lookout for collecting more points.

Thus, by giving your customers plastic Loyalty cards you actually get control over which products and services to promote to them. This is very helpful; especially for new products or products you are re-introducing.

Finally, increase sales and profits

With a loyalty program you achieve two things, retain your well-paying customers and incentivize their next purchase.

When a customer is a Loyalty member they consider themselves as getting premium treatment and are motivated by the game-like hunt for points, bonuses, and limited-time rewards. In a sense Loyalty programs are gamified sales which make every transaction with you a fun, positive experience for your customers.

While you could offer a loyalty program to your customers without a plastic loyalty card, opting for the latter only reinforces the benefits mentioned above.

A digital-only membership might not have the engagement a plastic loyalty card might have.

A tangible card carried around with them reminds them of the exclusive privileges they receive from you and are more likely to repeat business with you by the first chance they get.

Here at we offer loyalty cards templates to choose from. You will find one that expresses your company’s values and principles and if none of our loyalty card templates works for you we can always create a new one, exclusively for you!

Like many other small businesses, come to one of the most reliable plastic loyalty card suppliers in Toronto.

Give your dedicated customers a plastic Loyalty card they will be proud to show around and use!

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