Plastic Membership Cards

Plastic Membership Cards in Toronto
5 Reasons to use them

If your business offers a membership program to your customers you should provide them with plastic membership cards, as opposed to a paper or virtual one. Something tangible, and of quality, should be used to represent your customers relationship with your company. These cards serve as their customer ID and let your members know what privileges they are entitled to.

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Depending on the business you run, a gym, cultural club, sports club, or any organization that requires a membership card, a high quality card will make a good impression on your customers & the people they show it to.

We offer a wide range of templates to choose from. Creative, innovative, fun, professional, unique, eccentric, frosted, transparent, any type of design you want, we can create it for you.

Offer your customers a club membership card they will be proud to use by taking advantage of our user friendly online ordering system. We always offer FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in Canada, so the cost we quote is the price you pay…Always!

Strong Brand Identity

Giving your customers exclusive privileges, rewards, and offers helps build a strong brand identity.

Your card will increase brand awareness each time someone uses their it, or shows it to someone asking about your business.

Not putting much effort into the design, quality and content of your membership card is effectively a wasted golden opportunity to acquire new customers via word-of-mouth marketing.

A strong brand identity established through a high quality card will achieve the top two priorities of every business or organization:

► Customer retention

► Customer acquisition

Keep your existing customers loyal, and persuade new ones to be part of your unique privileges program.

It is a robust, vocal tool, for social identity for your customers. Their membership reminds them of their affinity to you, their belonging to an exclusive club that has one aim; cater to their needs and benefit them through exclusive offers, products and discounts.

Exclusive Rewards

With a membership card you give your customers a valuable gift, that of special consideration. Once you hand out some plastic membership cards in Toronto to your customers, you immediately grant them exclusive access to benefits, rewards and special offers all because they are valued members of your business. Membership programs help your business acquire a robust client base that is loyal and keen to do business with you because of all the benefits they get out of each transaction with you.

Even if you don’t offer a wide range of exclusive benefits to your members, the mere act of them possessing your plastic membership card serves to remind them that you value and appreciate them enough to make them exclusive members. This type of give first mentality creates a win-win situation for both your business & your customer.

Small Size – Enormous Effect

A plastic membership card easily fits in your pocket, yet its effect on your sales and profits are huge. While you can choose any type of material, it is highly recommended that you use high quality plastic. It’s hard-wearing, sleek and resilient, just like your relationship with your customer.

Give your customers something they can carry around without fear of spilling liquids on it or tearing it in some way.

Can you count the times you’ve been given a membership card only to shamefully ask the business to reissue it for you because you’ve damaged it beyond recognition? This won’t happen with your cards, because they’re made to last!!!

Use our advanced printing technology to get top-notch cards for your valued members quickly &easily. Choose an appealing design that expresses your company’s core values and culture and turn it into a durable evidence of your customer-centric approach to business.

Matchless Quality

What makes them different from traditional paper ones is their unparalleled quality. Plastic, being a long-lasting material in a sense transposes these qualities to your brand and business. When your member/customer looks at theirs and sees a top-quality, durable card, they associate these attributes with your business. Who wouldn’t want that for their business?

Our state of the art membership cards printers ensure you provide your customers with cards they can enjoy looking at and showing off to their friends, let alone use.

Custom membership Cards Toronto

Choose to get yours in Canada the way you want them. Get a matte or gloss finish. Choose card thickness and sharp or rounded edges, opaque, clear, or frosted plastic cards are all available for you to help you showcase your brand.

Get a custom card exactly how you imagined it; minimal or vibrant, authoritative or upbeat, we have the creativity and boundless imagination to make it happen.

Get your club membership cards today from and benefit from:

  • Fast turnaround
  • Tons of templates to choose from
  • Customized design
  • Credit-card like robust plastic
  • Thick and robust structure. You can choose between 0.76mm and 0.3mm thickness
  • Choose barcoding (options include 39 barcode, 128 barcode)
  • Embossed numbering
  • Signature panel
  • Printing technology with 4 color graphics to feature your logo or other brand insignia
  • Get any illustrations, texts and graphics embossed
  • Choose among our extra features like double-sided cards, magnetic stripes etc.
  • Free shipping from for online orders right to your door.

We’re not a run-of-the-mill printer. We value our customers and seek to build authentic relationships with them by providing them high quality services. Choose from our wide collection of printing templates and let us design a card for your business.

Get an instant quote for the printing services you require so that you can fast-track the printing service and start sharing your membership cards with your customers immediately!

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